Below are some examples of sites I have created. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the images.

LVDA web site
Lehigh Valley Dressage Association
This site was co-created with another web designer/graphic designer. The site is a non-profit Google Apps site which I administer for the association. I continue to manage this site and am responsible for:
  • all content, including text, pdfs, calendar and event information, governance documents
  • a simple membership application and paypal payment form
  • all photos, including resizing, processing, and posting
  • survey and poll forms

Lehigh Valley Horse Farms
I started and designed this site using free resources for web design as a community service. This site is maintained using functionality that is included with Google Apps, allowing me to maintain and edit the information via a cloud-based spreadsheet. The spreadsheet changes are reflected real-time on the web site. Among the features of this site are:
  • spreadsheet-based listing of farms alphabetically and by location (Zip code)
  • Online submission form for farm-owners to submit their site
  • Links to the farm web sites and to Google maps and directions.

Walt Groller Orchestra
This site is not yet completed, but after being contacted by the client in early December, this site was ready-to-go as a Christmas present. The client sent photos, news clippings, flyers and publicity pieces from the band and gave me free rein to design the site as I saw fit. 

Behind the Bit Blog
This is a blog that I've maintained for several years. The blog enjoys a healthy subscriber base, and I have updated it daily since about 2008. I use blogger to maintain this site.